I grew up in the Northeast Nebraska town of Norfolk often times pronounced Nor-fork.

In my youth I loved all thing sports and played basketball, volleyball and softball. Now my passion outside of work is watching my kiddos play sports! My husband and I have three talented and very active children; each different in their own way and absolutely amazing until they ask for money ?

While playing high school basketball I tore ligaments which required more than my fair share of physical therapy. So ironically when I went off to college my dream was to study Physical Therapy. After my first semester of 15 credit hours which entailed Biology and Chemistry courses, both lecture and lab along with Latin as my Foreign Language (who does that!?!) that dream slowly faded.

I quickly needed to grow up and I decided to switch my major to business. In my first “real” job, I managed a tanning salon while still attending school. My new dream would now become owning my own salon! Reality quickly set in that a 21 year old with zero credit equals very little chance of obtaining a small business loan.

It was time to put my communication talents and natural people skills to work and excel in a “big girl” job, a professional setting… you know, adulting, 8am–5pm. I found my calling in Insurance sales and service for a Fortune 500 Company… so that’s what I did for 15 years. And, I loved it! I loved helping people, my customers and I felt they had a connection with me. See, I’m not all about sales or net profit, I’m not about the quantity of customers. I care for people, my customers and what they want. I don’t always agree with the insurance underwriters decisions, insurance rates or the claims process. I’m much like you, I love working with people and helping them find the best coverage for them and their family and I want to be there to help work through those claims when they happen.

I got to the point in my career that I needed more self-growth, I desired a bigger challenge. I wanted to prove to myself, my family and my children that you can ALWAYS dream bigger and you can be a self-starter an entrepreneur. Not only did I want this for me, I wanted it for my customers.

In May of 2019, with the help of two amazing sisters, that’s exactly what I did! I branched from their business to start my own Independent Insurance Agency. An agency where I can serve customers one on one, provide multiple product lines that I believe in and have first-hand knowledge of. I now have more options to help my customers find the best coverage to fit their budget. Above all I want my customers to understand the value of the product and be comfortable knowing that I’ll always provide them the best service. It’s what I Love to do.

I will forever be grateful for the opportunity that these two sisters, Jaime and Heather have provided me, and the unequivocal support from my family and friends; especially my grandmother Ella.